Where We Are

Duration: 23m

Opening: The reality of my own death

The journey of those who finally accept fate, after wandering between disbelief and resistance to one's own death

Scene 1: Longing away from darkness 

The living invoking the souls of the dead ones, expressed through powerful movements aimed at inspiring feelings of longing in the audience

Scene 2: Denying death, an obituary 

Focused on the double nature of the obituary. A group of dancers on the stage is resisting as if they are de-limbed, but the fierce power of death takes away life.

Scene 3: A world of white darkness, lowering a coffin into the grave

Struggling individuals disappear and only the souls waking up unconsciously in a different world are observed. In a world of silence where the souls arrive, human beings without a body but left with arms and faces only prepare for another world of anonymity.

‘Where we are’ incorporates shamanistic features in a very intersting way. The work expresses the end of the world, in such a gentle way. 
Tina Lammassar AAMULEHTI - June 1989, Finland