The Irrevocable Step Taken

Duration: 30m

Time passes.

Many short moments build a day.

Immersed in thought,

There is nothing that needs to be said;

Immersed in thought,

There is nothing that is hoped to be said.

Transient moments,

Empty moments that bring out my tears,

Could they possibly free me, from this world?

Certain memories torment me

And hold tears that eventually pour out.


I slowly erase my precious memories one by one.

I start to fade away,

Fond memories fly away into the distance

And with them, slowly my existence.

Only my work is left now,

At the end of the thread of life is the memory of me.

I now realize

The time has come --

Now, I long to live a truly new life.

Through the dance Young-hee Kim succeeds in transcending conceptual topics, creating a dynamic stage art. 
Kyung-ae Kim, Dance Forum - August 2012