Here Now

Duration: 23m

I stop and look back.

In my recollection, I have come from the shadow of time passing.

I am in this moment, I take a rest and everything comes to a stop.

Taking a break is not falling behind, but the preparation for the many steps ahead.

People can create their time and space, rather than being trapped in it.

I am the one who lives right here, in the reality of today.

I live today and shall discover myself in this reality.

So, here now I make a stop.

After running forward, without looking back, or resting along the way,

I make a stop to see where I am at.

I shall see new dreams and gather the strength to carry on such dreams.

While taking a rest, I clear up my thoughts so that I can walk far more on this long journey.

Chapter 1 Looking back

Chapter 2 Making a stop

Chapter 3 Here now