Artistic Director

Jung-a Kim –Artistic Director

Ms. Kim has been the artistic director of MUTDANCE since 2019, though her

career in the discipline started with her debut in 1998 with her work <Repeat>.

After that, she continued her artistic ambitions bringing her works to the

festivals such as ‘18 Young Dancers Heading the 21st Century’ and the

SIDance Festival Little Asia Dance Exchange Network in 2002, touring in

Tokyo, Seoul, Hongkong, Sydney, and Taipei. She toured Asia more than 10

times throughout her career, and in 2005 she choreographed <Gaze of the

Shadows> at the Critics' Choice, in South Korea. In 2006, she continued her

choreography work with her participation at the Festival of the Computer Music

Remix of traditional German Music. In 2012, while introducing her work <The

Moment> and the <Stop in Search> and performing Our Dance Colours at the

SIDance Festival, she became interested in Buddhism and found an affinity to

its doctrines.

Ms. Kim is a graduate of the prestigious Ewha Woman’s University in Korea

where she received her bachelor, Master’s degrees and in 2019 obtained her

Ph.D. in Korean modern dance and choreography. Her doctorate piece included

the choreography work <A moment without stopping and immortal life through

the passage of time>.

Both as the Group’s principal and as the artistic director, she creates new

artistic content every year adding to the multiple pieces of work in the portfolio,

showcasing the various genres and their meaningfulness as artistically

expressed through the MUTDANCE.

Just recently in June 2022, the Group was invited to the opening performance

of the Italian International Dance Competition in Spoleto, Italy. At the event,

Director Kim also participated as one of the panelist of judges at the