Duration: 31 m

There is no end to human desire.

Man craves endlessly to satisfy a desire that can never be fulfilled.

When one’s desire is fulfilled, another desire springs up.

There is a ‘desire’ between ‘the visible me” and the ‘invisible’ me.

What drives these desires and one’s incessant craving to a point of near ‘intoxication’ wanting him to go higher? One that is soaked in pride with confidence, perhaps driven by his ambition or maybe just greed?

Why did the Greek God Icarus, a symbol of Hubris, fly so high ultimately leading to his fate? What led him there?

Similarly, to what extent can a person’s wings of desire carry him, simply out of intrigue or even just by fascination?

That person is only heading to a higher place.....But, ultimately lose it all!

Choreography work: ‘101 %’

The work ‘101%’ is a caricature of the mythical Greek God, Icarus as he ascends to a higher place in his quest to fulfill his desires. This is expressed in spatial concepts while trying to interpret the movements separately, transcending from the bottom-up incorporating the breathing method synonymous with the traditional MutDance. The dancers gradually gather energy from the ground and through the soles of their feet, and knees, and thus store its energy within the body. Then the energy gathered in this short-term is captured and concentrated mostly in the chest, whilst coinciding with the emotions of the dancers thus reflected through its movements. By further subdividing the movement that takes place in this process, the piece delineates the lower movement of the dance corresponding to Chapter 1 at its base level. Then the sequel progresses to Chapter 2 showing the movement of desires fulfilled at high levels. Lastly, Chapter 3 illustrates the mid to high movement, but most importantly showcases the preceding genre reflecting one’s freedom before undertaking its leaps higher to fulfill its desires.