The dance method of MUTDANCE

The dance method of MUTDANCE is based on the Korean traditional breathing method, which created unique movements. This dance method created by the first artistic director Young-hee Kim is well-represented in Breathing Basics written in 1997 and Creating Breathing Methods written in 1999, which is based on Buddhist ritualistic dance. 

The movements of MUTDANCE starts from the ground through breathing. Then, the dancer transitions it to energy and expresses it in the form of dance movements. The ‘flow of energy’ that appears during the movements from breathing creates a strong focus in one’s mind. The breathing drawn from deep inside the heart of the dancer has the ‘tight and loose’ balance, and the power of the controlled breathing uniquely connects the tight, loose, swaying and stopping movements from Korean traditional dance. 

The most unique characteristic of the MUTDANCE method is the power of the leg. The movement of the foot creates stable and elegant upper body movements by focusing on the power in body parts through the breathing drawn from the sole.  

The MUTDANCE method distinguishes traditional breathing through a spatial lens, such as top, middle, and bottom, and thus suggests a detailed and systematic method of dancing. At times, it allowed one to reflect the inner self by moving with eyes closed and brought variety to Korean dance that mainly involves upper body movements as the MUTDANCE method expands movements mainly with lower body. 

This was the result of approaching the human body as a medium that connects the earth and sky by identifying with nature. 

Dancers can emit their energy and the audience can be deeply absorbed in the performance through a design that reveals the flow of energy between them. The movement through breathing allows the dancer to experience a complete absorbance to their dance world, which directly becomes the artwork itself. 

The unique movements of MUTDANCE becomes a unified medium and are expressed to have a great energy absorptive power as it is regarded to send a sensational wave to a relaxed human mind.