Window(Chang) - The circle of time


In the present era, the significance of Ganggangsullae lies in being a gateway for women's relief and liberation. This piece aims to articulate and enhance the value of this era by using Ganggangsullae to express the meanings of coexistence with nature, prosperity, and vitality.

Chapter 1 – Gang, gang

 Excitement surges. Divine excitement.

I step firmly into this boiling moment from my toes,

Filling my heart to the brim.

I grasp your hand and whirl in this transient moment,

Being no one but myself...“

Chapter 2 - Sunra (Sullae): Boundary

 The moment I cross that boundary, I become a different me and shout out, 'It's okay. It's okay.'

In the midst of leaping and running, this present moment becomes eternal,

And the hand I hold right now leads me to that place.

Chapter 3 - Desire

 I ask the moon. What was it that I desired, what I truly wished for?

At the end of this path following that desire, who stands there,